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Let Media-Vu help you tell your story to the people who matter:
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Business Media TrainingPersonally delivered by experienced broadcast journalists

Media Training For Crisis Management

Working with the media when things go wrong

Media For Every Occasion

Under the Public Relations umbrella Media-Vu creates press releases to announce what’s happening in your world. The launch of a new product or the publication of a book for example.

The press release highlights the news of your story in a way that the media and your website audience will understand.

We target each press release at the medium that best suits your message

You can never guarantee when the media will respond to your news. So it is advisable that all possible spokespeople are fully trained and ready to make the most of every and any opportunity.

A variety of media training courses

Every business is different and has its own methods of working. So our media training courses are carefully designed to suit your needs and specific requirements.

We advise you the right way to talk to the media to get through to the audience you want to reach. Newspaper interviews are different from television or radio interviews.

Media-Vu's media training is personal, one-to-one or one-to-many. And it’s delivered by experienced broadcast journalists.

The requirements for radio, television or press interviews are all different. This is why Media-Vu prepares bespoke, individual courses and training programmes to accommodate the variety of media demands.

We even train people how to answer the telephone. We’ve all phoned companies where the voice at the other end makes us feel uncomfortable or puts us off completely.Having staff able to communicate effectively and appropriately is as important to the success of your business as making sure the CEO or Chairman expresses himself well.You never know who may be approached for comment. So it is best to draw up a list of personnel to cover all eventualities.

Media-Vu's Media Tips

Media-Vu's Media Tip #2 by @Mevu

Rehearse what you want to say. Then practice it again. #mediaTip
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