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Blogging For Business

No business can afford to ignore engagement with the ever changing world of social media. Using technology opens up a constant supply of potential new clients.

Effective engagement is all about news generation

One way to use the positive benefits of social media is to newsjack it.

Whenever the daily news cycle involves an area of interest to you a carefully constructed Tweet or Post will allow you to comment on the news story and refer people back to your website.

It gets you involved in what’s happening in the wider world and draws potential clients to your business. It also helps you to become seen as the expert in your field.

Newsjacking is about highlighting your product or services using social media to link your company to the big stories of the day.

Generating news that generates views

Media-Vu manages blogs and social media accounts for business and because we take the media view we can communicate your messages to today's media-savvy marketplace. Whether we're tweeting, posting or blogging we incorporate the wider issues to interest followers with your point of view.


Mrs Smith went shopping is boring. It’s a non-story. But if Mrs Smith is knocked down by a truck on her way back from shopping – that’s news.Graham Miller - Media-Vu

Finding your story, telling it and selling it

Newsjacking content can be controversial in order to get other people to respond. You want them to engage and comment. You want other people's opinions to generate further interest in what you do.The bigger the audience the better the chance you have of getting people to buy your product or service.

Media-Vu's Media Tips

Media-Vu's Media Tip #166 by @Mevu

If you're a social networker - and you are aren't you - everything you say or write is "live". #mediaTip
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