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Media Training + mediaTipsLearn to develop your own credibility in-front of camera by training hard to win.

Broadcast Experience & Credibility

Media-Vu is led by Graham Miller, a broadcast journalist who uses his 30 years' experience to media-train people in business how to present to camera and promote their business through video and social as well as traditional media.

Graham comments: I am involved in broadcasting from all the major sporting events which is great because sport is a passion of mine and these contracts keep me bang up to date with and allow me to introduce to clients the latest broadcast technology. Each situation presents fresh fascinating challenges and I love working at these major events: learning how the top athletes think; interviewing world champions and observing how they answer questions.I know from my experience what works and doesn't work and I use these modern, current experiences in everything I do.

Graham Miller OSBC Sochi 2014Graham Miller has reported from 5 Olympic Games, from 4 World Cup Finals, cricket test matches and many Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Test Cricket matches. Over a 30 year broadcast career, Graham has built-up a tremendous amount of experience and is able to train professionals how to present to the media and share with others what works and what doesn't work in-front of camera.

I have interviewed the likes of Pele and David Beckham, Ballesteros, Bruno and Gazza and continue to work with today's media-trained stars. I know how they work and how hard they train to perform in-front of the camera.Graham Miller - Media-Vu
Media-Vu's Media Tips

Media-Vu's Media Tip #2 by @Mevu

Rehearse what you want to say. Then practice it again. #mediaTip
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