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Profit Starts With PRWorking with the media, connecting your business to the outside world

PR Services

Everybody has a story to tell but when you're working in your business every day it’s easy to miss it. It may seem very ordinary to you but to those outside your industry your story is news.

As a PR company it’s our job to discover your stories and tell them in a way that will build your credibility and ultimately attract new business.

Positive, priceless publicity generated in this way not only attracts new clients but also maximises your brand awareness. We identify your stories and contact the media which will give it the biggest impact.

Meester HeelYou want your customers to know all about what you’re doing. So it’s our task to spread the word. We make sure your marketplace knows the good work you do and the benefits you offer.

The art of good PR

We all love stories and we all have a good story to tell. Good PR is the practice of finding it and delivering it to your ideal audience through the right media. Don't know what your story is?Media-Vu can help!

Our PR service follows a simple formula:

The secret of PR? Know your audience!

Why should anyone choose to buy from you? Why would they be interested in what you do? What is it you offer that can help them?First of all they need to know you're there!

We operate a range of services to make your company visible. Using search engine optimisation, social media engagement and blogging we help put you in the limelight of technology.We introduce the words and questions people will ask to find your website on Google.

Once your target client has been identified we also select which areas of the media will want to publish and broadcast your news to re-enforce your standing in the public eye.It's a two part process to put you high up the listings.

Our goal? To keep your business profile: professional, prominent and pertinent.

By taking the media view we concentrate on your relevant markets and keep them up to date with all your stories and events.

Media-Vu's Media Tips

Media-Vu's Media Tip #108 by @Mevu

Media interviews should be seen as an opportunity not a defence. #mediaTip
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