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The road to success, whether it's social or professional, is paved with talk. So we've put together this collection of 200 nuggets offering advice and pointers to help you.

200 of the best media tips from an experienced broadcast journalist

They originate from the daily @MeVu #mediaTips published on Twitter. Having spent 30 years of learning and developing media skills the hard way Graham Miller's arranged his advice in a quick and easy format to help you deal with all aspects of communication as well as how best to work with the media.

I've spent the past 30 years interviewing everyone from pop stars to politicians to athletes and so on as well as to so called ordinary men and women. The tips here have been learned the hard way from mistakes we've all made. Hopefully they will help you from repeating them.Graham Miller - Media-Vu

What the media wants

The media is not Jeremy Paxman. Or any other aggressive interviewer. And to be fair to Jeremy, he isn't Jeremy Paxman most of the time either.

Every journalist wants a 'good piece'. Whether it's for a newspaper, magazine, radio, television broadcast or any other media. And a 'good piece' means an interesting story with some pertinent quotes that add something extra.

In Paxman's Newsnight programme or a John Humphrys interview on Radio this sometimes means being forceful and hard-hitting to try and squeeze an answer out of a reluctant politician.

However in most interviews the tone is friendlier and offers a real opportunity for you to make your voice heard in the most positive of ways.

These tips will ensure that you've thought about what you want to say in advance. That you've practiced your answers. And then, that you've rehearsed them once again.We suggest you keep to no more than three relevant points and polish them until they shine.

What you want from the media

In business as in most other walks of life the media can be your best friend. It can promote and advertise who you are and what you do to an audience of millions without you having to pay a penny for it.

If you use traditional advertising it can be a bit scattergun as well as costly and it's in the public domain for only a limited time. To have someone else tell your story in the media offers priceless credibility and reality to promote what you do. And if it's good then other media will want to talk to you as well.So don't be afraid of the media. It's a positive prospect and you should try to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.The following tips and suggestions should help you make your mark.

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