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The Business Video Essentials

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Video looks set to dominate our focus

We can all shoot and edit videos on our smart phones, iPads and tablets so that means we don't need any help, right?

The value of video

When websites were the must have business accessory many people just built their own and were easy to spot. Using video was a novelty but now that we present highly sophisticated websites over ultra-fast broadband it's time to make video work for you by commissioning professional broadcast quality video.Media-Vu produces broadcast quality programmes and documentaries for businesses and broadcasters alike. From storybook to on-air we offer the full range of video production services.

Great videos tell compelling stories

Most people would prefer to see pictures than read words - because we're lazy! It's so much easier to watch pictures than it is to read website text. And the ease with which we can upload and consume video content, using YouTube for example, means we're now developing our own business television channels.Offering visual information free of charge to clients on your website has never been easier or more important.But equally it's just as simple to get video wrong and give your website an amateurish and unprofessional look.

The challenge with video is that we're so used to broadcast quality TV that we're all able to spot an unplanned, poorly shot video in moments. And it reflects badly on the image and perception of your business.

If you are going to shoot your own business video you need to approach it like a pro.Graham Miller - Media-Vu

Use your video to give your website visitors free information. This will win their attention and encourage them to take an interest in the services or products that you have to offer.

Media-Vu is run by experienced broadcast professionals and our approach to business video production is to work as if business owners were transmitting their own independent television channels.

We believe your customers should be able to understand your expert advice and suggestions in straightforward English and in an attractive and positive manner.

Media-Vu's Media Tips

Media-Vu's Media Tip #54 by @Mevu

Ensure what you wear and how you come across are appropriate. You're the expert. You know the image you need to project. #mediaTip
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