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Making Great Business VideosThere's no secret to producing a great business video for your website but there is a formula

How To Make A Great Business Video

It's no secret, there's a formula to making a great business video for your website. What's more it's completely free and available to you 24/7!

Where can you find the secret to a great website video?

Watch the TV!Just study every commercial that's shown during every programme break. It usually runs for 30 seconds and in that time it tells an entire compelling story.

Each commercial has a strong beginning, a clever middle and a powerful end to keep the viewer interested. Even those obscure car adverts.

It's a timeless, wining formula. Especially when you find yourself humming the tune or repeating the catchy slogan. Your business video should follow this format.

TV advertising is the exemplar that sets the bar high

Regularly on commercial television we're treated to a video masterclass. Don't fast forward or make a cup of tea during the ad breaks. Watch closely what happens. Analyse the story telling. See how you're swept along on their agenda and at their pace. And look out for the clever call to action at the end.It's text book advice, you should try to copy it.During those thirty seconds TV adverts draw us in. They grab our attention. They make us think. They can change our mood - never mind make us buy.

Even the TV commercials that are obscure or confusing follow the same structure. Watch them a few times and you'll get it.Graham Miller - Media-Vu

Your business video should be the same

Few businesses have the Christmas budget of a John Lewis or Marks & Spencer. But making sure your video, your commercial, is filmed along the same lines will make all the difference when it comes to how your website and your business is perceived.

A 30 second masterclass in storytelling

Tell your story. Make the message clear. Keep it simple and end with a positive finish that'll encourage your visitors to stay on your website and take a look around. Don't know what your story is?

Highlight these problems and tell them how you can help solve them. It's what your visitors want to see and it's what they want to hear.

Your expertise, knowledge and advice will stand out on the page. And just like the TV commercial you'll encourage your viewers to buy.

Media-Vu's Media Tips

Media-Vu's Media Tip #109 by @Mevu

If live it's wrong to ignore time and deliver your full message. You lose goodwill. Practice to headline within the time allowed. #mediaTip
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