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Do you believe every word your spouse or partner tells you? You're right. Let's not go there. So, what about people like me, journalists or perhaps estate agents? I guess depending on your views some you do and some you don’t.

So, here's something we probably all agree on. Do you believe what politicians tell you? Whoa..... I get it. The answer a resounding 'no way' to use that annoying phrase.

Threats & edicts

Why then do we nod our heads and take fright when the likes of German Chancellor Angela Merkel or Jean-Claude Juncker the President of the European Commission issue threats and edicts against Britain's negotiating ambitions for Brexit.

“You see,” the ‘Remainers’ cry. “We’re doomed. The country was stupid to vote to leave. And now we will pay for it.” Insert your own quotes to fit your view.

But remember one thing. The menacing comments come from politicians. It's first round hot air. Sabre rattling if you like. It doesn't matter what you call it. So why are we all taken in?

Remember this as well. Mrs Merkel has an election coming up in Germany and the President fears his 5-star lifestyle could end prematurely if other Union members follow Britain’s lead. They have both a domestic and personal agenda to follow and Britain is currently an easy scapegoat. Of course, they're going to make public statements to promote their arguments. And Mrs May or Jeremy Corbyn must do the same.

Leaks & scoops

Then we have the leaks. The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, has allegedly got hold of a verbatim account of the private dinner between Mrs May and President Juncker in Downing Street. I’m sure the drinks flowed. And Mr Juncker we’re told, how can I put this, enjoys his drink.

Are we then expected to accept the German newspaper scoop as gospel? And don’t forget the quotes in the Gospels were written down almost a century after they were reportedly uttered. Chinese whispers anyone? But that’s another story.

Royal visit

Here’s a leak for you. Several years ago, when I was reporting a royal visit for ITN the Queen Mother told me she hated name droppers. You do believe me, don’t you?

It's only when the politicians are in the negotiating room that the genuine business starts. The hot air, the threats and other rhetoric will all be left outside.

Amicable agreement

Britain imports more in goods and services from Europe than it exports. Our exit will leave an enormous gap in the budget. It means in reality neither side can afford anything short of an amicable agreement.

And all this talk about ignorance of rules and regulations? No country has ever left the Union before. There are no procedures or protocols to be followed.

Whatever your referendum vote forget the current bluff and bluster whether you agree with it or not. May I suggest you peel away the layers of political baloney and get to the core. Just like the negotiators will have to.

Only then will the genuine story emerge.

Graham, you should blog more, this is good stuff. Sharp, to the point, and no wasted words.
And if you'd like a different angle from another former TV hack, try my blog here -
Guest avatarGuest3rd May 2017
Thanks, Nick. Much appreciated. Now following you on Twitter!
Graham Miller avatarGraham Miller3rd May 2017We're available online and on the telephone - let us help you take the media view.about.php?pg=2
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