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Actually, I was only doing 36 in a 30 miles an hour area. But all my ‘friends’ had similar stories to tell. “I wasn’t even going fast,” said one. “The equipment just had to be faulty,” reasoned another.

We were together for that modern phenomenon - the speed awareness course. None of us wanted to pay a speeding fine and suffer three points on our driving licences. So we opted for the awareness course instead.


4-hours it lasted. Delivered by two driving instructors who’d clearly performed the role so often they were like automatons. Even their alleged jokes failed to lift the gloom.

The best gag came from we ‘criminals’. Looking at a picture of a street from road level we were asked what were the main dangers for drivers to look out for?

The wag on my left piped up: “The lunatic photographer standing in front of the traffic.”


It was a good refresher mind. It’s 40 years since I last looked at the Highway Code. I confess I’d forgotten quite a few rules of the road.

Sometimes we do things so often we no longer even think about them. We perform the tasks as if in neutral just like the two driving instructors. And it means we overlook the expertise we carry out every day. It’s straightforward to us. And we can do it in our sleep - so to speak.

But to the rest of the world, your skills are impressive. They couldn’t do it. And from their perspective, you must be a genius to do what you do.

Tell ‘em

So stop for a moment and think about some of the skills your job demands. You’re more talented than you think. More accomplished than you imagine. Isn’t it a shame, isn’t it wasteful that you’re not being appreciated by the people who need the very services you offer.

So tell ‘em. Tell your potential customers what you do. How you do it. And most importantly how it will benefit them. How they could improve their business by using your experience, your skills and your knowledge.

Don’t know how? Then give us a ring. It’s what we do at Media-Vu.

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