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The Power Of Three Key MessagesDevelop the power of three to get your key messages over the fence

A Lesson In Communication

Watch any media trained politician and you will hear them repeat their key messages time and again. They will drop them into speeches and interview answers knowing it's the best way that voters will respond.

Media-Vu understands the power of constant messaging

Whether posting, tweeting, blogging or describing a video on YouTube it's important that you understand 'the power of three'.We work with clients to define what their three key messages are.We then encourage our clients to use these messages at all times. They should become second nature to be used without a second thought.

For example the focus of the Conservative party during the 2015 General Election campaign was the use of the phrase 'our long term financial plan.'All of their politicians repeated this message again and again.

They will argue that keeping the economy on-message in this way helped them win an overall majority in Westminster.Graham Miller - Media-Vu

Key message repetition is picked up over time almost subliminally. It should then be repeated and re-enforced across all communications channels. It clearly may feel repetitive or even boring but it's vitally important to establish and then repeat your consistent ideology.The goal of constant messaging is a commercial understanding of what you stand for.

Media-Vu's Media Tips

Media-Vu's Media Tip #136 by @Mevu

Obama's energy in his speeches is securing positive sound bites. Helps with his message in his re-election campaign. #mediaTip
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