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Is this true?

What do you think?

Do you agree?

Harold Godwinson was the richest man in England. And this week marks the anniversary of him becoming King.

Never heard of him? Well you have you know. He was the Harold who allegedly got an arrow in his eye and lost his crown at the Battle of Hastings.

He’d become King after Edward the Confessor ruled the roost and he reigned persistently before finally and fatally losing out to William the Conqueror in that gruesome fight that would have led the news bulletins for weeks in late 1066.


Confessor and Conqueror. Brilliant. And they say ‘spin’ is a modern phenomenon. But these are described by historians as Noms de Guerre. It sounds posh but in reality it’s no different from a pithy headline on the front page of ‘The Sun.’

Now we’d hardly notice Oliver the Ordinary would we but what about Alfred the Great? Well we all remember him. And yet he beat the living daylights out of the Vikings more than a thousand years ago. One thousand years ago. Oh, and he also burnt some exceedingly good cakes. Supposedly. Good tale though.

Above the crowd

So to have a catchy name or positive brand is vital if you want people to remember you and what it is that you do. And even more important if you offer something they need to solve a problem.

We can’t all be ‘so-and-so-the-clever’ of course, but we can all deliver a message or broadcast a story that resonates with potential customers and clients.

What do I mean? Well, it’s that attitude or sound expertise that makes you stand out. It’s that eye for detail or your 24/7 support that lifts you above your crowded market place.

Gold nugget

It’s that gold nugget that you know is there but for whatever reason you just don’t see. It’s why sometimes it takes a skilled miner to dig it out.

Media-Vu can be that major miner for you if needed. Or we can at least show you where to start looking.

You don’t have to be Royal you know to enjoy a loyal following.

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