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A long time ago in a cinema far, far away, well Bristol actually, I looked on in wonder. What were over 500 people doing watching a movie after midnight on a wet Tuesday?


It was an invitation-only affair and I was there reporting the event for the nightly ‘Report West’ news programme on what used to be called HTV West.

It was quite a show. This was a time before we all had computers. Mobile phone technology was only available on Star Trek. And so the audience left the Galaxy, alright The Odeon, entertained, amused and just a little confused by it all.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Our world has changed so much since that night over 40 years ago that some are now seriously debating whether or not young Luke Skywalker was actually radicalised by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Nowadays we have this compulsion to intellectualise everything. What was the real relationship between Noddy and Big Ears anyone?

Jedi Knight

But the lessons of Star Wars are as clear today as they were back in 1977. It’s not just Mr Skywalker linking up with a Jedi Knight, a maverick pilot, an (an) droid and something called a Wookiee to save the universe. No, it’s how to tell a story that resonates with an interested audience.

We all love stories. And the Star Wars stories are fun. Add to the mix a clever use of cinematic tools and tricks and it becomes an attraction regardless of age or where you live.


Mind you there is a race of people called the Naysayers. They live on the planet Grump. They detest everything there is about Star Wars. But they can go where no-one has gone before and have their own adventures.


So here’s the lesson: Find a story about your business. One that engages the people you want to do business with and they will come.

We can help you at Media-Vu if you’re having trouble or don’t have the time.

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