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Tis the season to be .......silly

A view of the media by Media-Vu

Parliament is in recess. Again. Apparently most of the country is about to go on holiday. But inevitably despite the problems in the world the news media has to be filled. And so stories that at busy times would have been ‘spiked’ at birth are given space, time and unexpected coverage.

I’ve already seen a daft column about Roman Numerals. Mind you this can be a problem. My dear Mum was convinced she’d lived through World War eleven.

And another? I read today that farmers in Berkshire have been urged to kit out their cows in hi-viz jackets following a spate of car accidents.


You couldn’t make it up. I’m sure you could actually. And I agree they do make everyday ‘news’ more fun.

But what is it about August that sends us all into a state of silliness? Why do we choose this month out of the other eleven to take our collective foot off the nation’s pedal?

It could be the weather. We all go into meltdown, literally, if we get three days in a row that top 22 degrees. And of course the heaters in our trains that are out of order for the entire winter suddenly burst into life and can’t be turned off.

And should you travel on London’s underground service, if the drivers aren’t on strike demanding a footballer’s salary for a job that doesn’t really exist, did you know that their trains can actually operate themselves?

Good News

Anyway should you use The Tube you’re repeatedly ordered on the public address system to drink water if you feel ever so slightly warm. Are they on a deal with the bottled water industry? Wouldn’t it make more sense if they simply improved the air-conditioning.

So August has become the month when we take a look at things that niggle and nag but of course never do anything about them. Because very shortly the weather cools. Our MP’s and others go back to work. And it’s all forgotten.

But here’s the good news. Whilst the media is desperate for content to back up the serious stuff that never goes away this is the best time for getting your story the public attention you can only dream about in May for example.


One of our jobs at Media-Vu is to get good stories about our clients in front of potential new clients.

We do this by identifying the marketplace, highlighting the best media to tell the story in and hey presto. The papers, radio or magazine get their story. And your business gets the exposure that would cost you an arm and a leg if you tried to buy it with advertising.

So now’s the time to strike. Not like the tube drivers. We’re not on holiday and we’d be delighted to hear from you to put your story in front of the people who could give your business a summertime boost.

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