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Video screens

Would you take part in a video nasty?

Videos are being published without thought or planning

Video rules

Easy question with an easy answer. No, of course you wouldn’t. But look again at some of the videos on offer on business websites.

Nasty? They’re nauseating!

They appear rushed and sloppy. The presenter looking pleased they’ve got the words roughly right even though the look of the thing is as miserable as England’s cricket defeat to Australia.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are simple rules to follow to help make your business video come across as professional and watchable.

What to wear

First of all think about what you’re wearing? Remember we all react to what we see before what we hear.

If the viewer is commenting on your clothes they’re not listening to what you’re saying. So think of the image you’re trying to project and dress accordingly.

Look behind you

Make sure what’s behind you isn’t going to draw attention. I’ve seen flowers growing out of people’s heads. Unhelpful wall signs that simply don’t fit in. They may appear distant when you’re filming. But from the viewers perspective they become the amusing centrepiece of your show. Don’t waste your time and effort.

Video bandwagon

Just like the Greek deficit video is getting bigger and bigger. It’s been proven repeatedly that if you attach a video to your tweet or Facebook post for example it will get substantially more views.

So when you jump on the video bandwagon - you do want video on your website don’t you - you must make sure you’re producing something that’s laudable not laughable.

Think video

If you want people to search your website you have to produce a video that grabs their attention. Remember we’re all becoming lazy. We prefer to watch someone talking to us rather than reading text on the page.

Not you of course. You’re a fan of reading. But it’s the others. And it’s the others who you’re trying to attract to do business with you.

So start to think…. video.

First questions

What sort of video should you put on your website? What might interest the casual visitor? What will it take to get them to watch?

You’re the expert in your business. You know more about it than anyone else. So what about those first questions people always ask you about for instance? You could turn that into a video.

But you must deliver it in a way that’s interesting and also gives the viewer something to take away. A titbit. Free advice. You know the sort of thing.

The complete message

Then you’ve got to consider how to put it together. To make it engaging. You have to decide not only what you should say but importantly how best to say it. And of course what to wear to offer the complete message you want to put across.

You wouldn’t go to a meeting with the bank manager wearing shorts and a t-shirt? She might view your video though.

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