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Big Sister (one must be pc)

I've been watching you. Closely. Frame by frame. With slo-motion replay at times.

Don't panic!

It's not illegal. I'm not a voyeur. I've been looking at your videos. The one's you've published on your website. And those that sit on YouTube.

You know that incredulity you feel when you look at your photos of yesteryear. Did I really look like that? Who persuaded me to have that perm? Look at those clothes and so on.

Well that's what I've been thinking when at your invitation I press play. It's extraordinary. Some go on and on about their history. How clever they are. How many people they employ. So what!

Frankly - I don't care!

As a potential client what I want to know is how can you help me? How can you solve my current problem. When you think about it pretty much every service on offer is there to solve a problem.

But the reality is that most videos I see fall flat at every hurdle. They leave me cold. I switch off. And I bet you're the same.

The video presenter seems interested in only getting the words right. The presentation part is neglected to the point of comedy. Now you wouldn't write a blog without any grammar would you? OK we all know some who do.

But a video is a sum of its parts. Script is important. And so is your delivery. Overall you must treat it literally as a performance. And you should think about your delivery every bit as much as what you're saying. Otherwise your message is incomplete.

So before you press publish look closely again at your performance. I suggest you practice your delivery again. And again. Get the script right of course but then spend more time working on how you say it. The results will surprise you.


After making videos for half a lifetime - there you are I'm at it now - I'm part of a new workshop that will go into more detail about how to produce a good video as well as a sack full of other nuggets you won't want to miss. We've even invented a new word for it. Referability. We hope it'll be a brand new boost for your business. Hope you can make it.

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