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Let Media-Vu help you tell your story to the people who matter:
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Our ApproachWe find your stories, we tell and then sell your stories to the people who matter

Finding Your Story

As experienced broadcast journalists, Media-Vu's business communication specialists are perectly equipped to sniff-out a good story.

A nose for a good story in business

Media-Vu offers a business set of professional communication services. The beating heart of each service is the story Media-Vu's professionals are able to find and then use to pump-out a clear and constant messaging.

Whichever communication channel your customers are tuned-in to, it's the great stories they'll pay attention to. As broadcast journalists we're uniquely positioned to find and then tell your business stories for the maximum effect.Graham Miller - Media-Vu

Finding stories and writing the headlines

You can tell that just from the experience you have of those who are winging it, hoping for the best and others who have thought about it and are delivering a much clearer message. Often, usually, mainly when they are winging it or haven't prepared it where they are speaking off the cusp, that is where the stories develop because they say things they don't really want to say and from a Journalistic point of view, that's fantastic, that's the story.News is something somebody doesn't want you to hear and that is what it's all about.

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